Realize personal and corporate potential

Tax Planning and Strategy Formulation

For strategies that recognize personal and corporate potential.

By keeping up to date with new tax laws and legislation, our professionals are able to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both current and future tax liabilities.

FCR’s innovative approach to solutions engineering allows our team of tax experts to prepare individual tax strategies for each and every client—because every business, family and individual faces different challenges.

Tax Planning and Strategy Formulation

Corporate Tax Services

For many businesses, corporate tax returns and effective tax planning are crucial to the corporation’s success.

The tax environment in which businesses and organizations operate is constantly evolving and to succeed, businesses require a tax strategy that can keep up.

It is important that organizations are accountable for reporting their tax obligations while ensuring that the true potential of the business is recognized as it grows.

Tax planning is required to achieve this balance and is a vital component of the organization’s continuity. From corporate tax planning to assistance in complying with federal and provincial tax legislation, FCR offers a proactive, goal-oriented approach to issues that affect our clients.

Our corporate tax planning solutions include:

  • Holistic corporate tax planning
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Assistance with assessments, reassessments and notices of objection
  • Assistance with payroll and remittance amounts
  • Assistance with RST remittance and recovery
  • Federal and provincial tax returns
  • Goods and services tax returns
  • Information returns (partnerships, not for profit, charitable organizations)
  • Real estate tax planning
  • Scientific and experimental development credit consulting
Personal Tax Services

Personal Tax Services

Most business owners have personal income tax circumstances that reflect those of their businesses.

On the journey to realizing personal financial goals, the ambiguity of Canadian tax laws can discourage business owners from exploring tax-saving opportunities.

At FCR, our team of tax experts aims to eliminate these feelings by helping business owners develop a long-term personal income tax strategy that allows them to accumulate and transfer wealth. Our personal tax solutions consider:

  • Individual personal tax preparation and remittance
  • Trust returns
  • Assistance with assessments, reassessments and notices of objection
  • Retirement planning
  • Real estate tax planning
  • Inheritance
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Exploration of income splitting and capital asset disposition strategies

Commodity Tax Services

As business networks continue to grow, so does the importance of commodity tax planning.

The growth of global networks and participation in trans-provincial or international business has many implications on a company’s tax position. International tax laws and regulations change often and are becoming more complex.

It becomes increasingly important for businesses to have a proactive strategy for managing the risks associated with international shipping and receiving.

Our tax experts are experienced in tax legislation and mediation. FCR’s commodity tax services focus in the areas of:

  • Cash flow planning
  • Commodity tax recovery solutions
  • Corporate risks associated with improperly managed commodity tax
  • Custom duties
  • Excise duties and taxes
  • Federal goods and services tax
  • Harmonized sales tax
  • Provincial sales tax
  • Tax implications of complex contractual arrangements
  • US/Canadian transfer pricing

Estate and Tax Planning

As a professional, business owner or entrepreneur, you have spent a good portion of your life building your organization, commercial networks and personal wealth.

Your goals have changed from creating wealth to safeguarding it, ensuring there is a plan to leave a legacy for your family. Through FCR’s estate tax services, our tax professionals can ensure that an owner’s estate protects all assets and is tax efficient.

At FCR, our team works to develop a strong foundation for legacies. We provide our clients with the most effective and tax-efficient strategy for wealth and asset transfers.

Estate and Tax Planning