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Mining and Manufacturing

Realizing long-term growth

The mining and manufacturing industry in Northern Ontario grows every day and has served as the catalyst of local economic development for decades. With the unique niche offerings of many competing companies, the industry has become highly segmented, making experience and planning the keys to success.

Many mining and manufacturing clients face challenges in project costing, working capital requirements, exchange rate risk, human resource management, operational efficiency and government regulation. FCR works with mining and manufacturing companies to develop strategies engineered to realize long-term growth with operational efficiency at the forefront of our thinking.

Our firm offers a variety of services tailored to the specific needs of mining and manufacturing clients including capital management consultation, tax services, forecasting, cash flow management, IT systems advisory and recruitment services.

Construction Contractors & Real Estate

Developing forward foot strategies

Organizations operating within this sector face a diverse set of challenges. The cyclical nature of the construction industry means that in tight economic times, strategy and financial management become very important.

As a direct result of complex value chains, fluctuating material costs and unpredictable cash flows, strategic planning and efficiency in this industry are integral. Strict industry regulations make accurate reporting and organic tax strategies integral components to success within this complex environment.

FCR works with organizational decision makers to develop foot forward strategies to ensure the long-term success of construction, contractor and real-estate businesses.

Transportation, Energy and Storage

Finding and realizing opportunity

Companies operating within these industries are faced with very specific risks and challenges that need to be mitigated on an individual basis. At a high level, organizations have many issues to manage, from their environmental impact to the creation of reliable and cost-effective distribution systems.

Some of the challenges decision makers face includes increased restrictions on natural resources, sustained increases in costs, new financing and government regulations as well as an increasingly segmented group of consumers.

To leverage the potential of your business, FCR works with you to manage these risks in a proactive manner, developing strategies to prepare your business for success by finding and realizing opportunities in the challenges.

Technology and Communications

Keeping ahead of the curve

The challenge for many companies within the technology and communications industry is that today does not exist. As industry innovators are more sophisticated, refined and efficient than the majority of industry players, your success as an organization depends on your ability to predict what is going to happen tomorrow.

Innovation is important for technology and communication businesses; as a firm that works to deliver innovative out-of-the-box solutions for our clients, FCR faces and overcomes similar challenges every day.

FCR works with technology and communications companies to ensure that organizational decision makers receive timely financial information and forecasts allowing them to make informed decisions that can keep their company ahead of the curve.


Challenging global players

Consumerism continues to grow on a global scale. Locally, however, retail businesses are challenged by the growth of large national, international and online players.

To compete, local retailers need to develop strategies that allow them to challenge these players via inventory management, price value strategy, value chain management and marketing.

FCR offers services that allow local retailers to grow and operate efficiently. Our areas of expertise include tax planning, financial statement preparation, product costing, inventory management, IT advisory and operational budgeting.

All of these retail-specific services allow our professionals to work with decision makers, helping entrepreneurs realize the potential of their retail outfit.

Public Sector Organizations

Delivering a high standard

Entities operating for the public are responsible for many of the services Canadians receive and as a result, have many reporting obligations to their funding bodies. These entities are responsible for operating on transparent budgets that are available to the public.

As public servants, these organizations create value for communities who demand a particularly high standard. Our responsibility as partners in your effort is to provide innovative solutions that improve your ability to deliver this standard to the patrons you serve.

In addition to providing audit and assurance services to the public sector, FCR offers evaluations on public policy programs, project sustainability analysis and accounting conversion services.

Owner Managed Business

Collaborating to realize your vision

Owners of small businesses require exceptional financial reporting and sound business advice to make informed decisions that allow their companies to succeed.

Unlike large corporations, which have the resources to employ teams of lawyers, accountants and consultants to advise them on every aspect of their business, smaller organizations have to rely heavily on the few advisors they work with on a regular basis.

For this reason, choosing the right professional accountant is especially important.

FCR specializes in working with owner-managed businesses and takes pride in having the privilege of contributing to the success of these organizations. As entrepreneurs, we enjoy working with entrepreneurial-minded people, collaborating to realize the potential of your vision.


Focusing on your services

Heavily regulated, carefully budgeted and subject to enquiry; not-for-profit organizations need consistent and meticulous financial assistance from experienced professionals.

FCR works with many not-for-profit organizations throughout the City of Greater Sudbury including churches, nursing homes, food banks, charitable and professional associations as well as not-for-profit clubs.

We work as your partner to ensure that funding is used to its fullest potential by providing strategic financial direction to the organization so that decision makers can focus on the services and benefits delivered to your patrons.

Health Care

Ensuring successful fiscal management

Both public and private healthcare combine to form one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. Consequently, the corporate environments in which these organizations operate are constantly evolving.

The challenge, then, becomes developing a strategy to ensure the successful fiscal management of your team. FCR provides healthcare-specific services to physicians, physician groups, dentists, optometrists, home care providers and medical supply companies.

In the effective management of this challenging and fast-paced environment, it is important to work with business partners who offer expertise as well as a promise of confidence. Our goal is to help you manage your company’s financial success so that you can focus on your clients.

Food and Agriculture

Streamlining your operations

For many of our food and agriculture clients, profitability comes from developing efficient and relatively lean systems. When your business is characterized by high volume and low margins, streamlining your operations is incredibly important.

For local growers, suppliers and retailers efficiency is especially important as they face the continued and growing threat of international competition and aspire to meet changing consumer demand.

To stay competitive these companies require consistent and reliable financial information. Our team at FCR works with a number of food and agricultural businesses to develop lean accounting systems, economic distribution methods, organic tax strategies and a variety of business advisory services.

First Nations Organizations

Strengthening and supporting your communities

Federal and provincial budget reductions and Aboriginal autonomy have resulted in the transfer of First Nation services from governments to reservations. As a result, First Nations communities have been faced with the challenge of administering many of their own services while dealing with more stringent reporting requirements.

For over two decades, FCR has been working with many of Northern Ontario’s Aboriginal communities to help them grow many of the programs that they have instituted to strengthen and support their communities.

At FCR we aim to develop lasting relationships with our First Nations clients, working jointly to develop strong systems of financial management; what we believe to be an integral step to building stronger, independent communities.

Financial and insurance

Growing your business, and your clients

The finance and insurance industry is incredibly competitive. In an effort to remain at the forefront of consumer consideration; chartered banks, investment insurance and estate companies are compelled to challenge what is conventional in product and service innovation when meeting consumer demands.

It is the complexity of growth, changing regulation, expanding product lines and diverging investor needs that continue to influence the behaviour of the industry.

FCR works with a diverse group of clients in the finance and insurance industry including: insurance brokers, pension managers, certified financial planners, and investment brokers to ensure the uninterrupted growth of the business and its clients.