Decision making with confidence

Accounting & Assurance

Arming you with the information to succeed

Not a single entrepreneur goes into business to fail – everyone is in it to win. FCR’s accounting and financial statement services arm business decision makers with reliable and accurate information to succeed.

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Planning & strategy

In today’s evolving commercial landscape, it is integral that organizations are prepared with an organic tax strategy – one that is built to adapt to the specific nature of an organization’s circumstances.



Building a foundation for success

Globalization continues to challenge small businesses, opening up economies and affecting market conditions everywhere. New business opportunities and threats arise invariably, competitors threaten profitability, and consumer needs evolve faster than ever.

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Ancillary Business Services

Time to get prepared

As businesses and organizations grow, they become more complex and amidst this complexity exist several systems to assist in the administration of a company’s working capital. But what happens when the systems implemented by the management are not 100% accurate or efficient?

Human Resources Consulting

Effective Resource Management

FCR Paradigm assists organisations to navigate the Employee Lifecycle.  From traditional human resources management to performance optimisation and corporate culture enhancement, we help people and businesses achieve great results.

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